The women of Basketball Wives L.A. are back and are as unhinged as ever.  At least a few of them are actual wives though, so it is an easier premise to swallow than its original counterpart…sort of.  All of the original players are back it appears, although Imani Showalter is missing from the credits and she is replaced by Brooke Bailey.

The show begins with a discussion between Wacky Jackie Christie and her long suffering time spouse and confidante Doug.  Jackie is worried about her daughter.  After the death of mother, she allowed her daughter to stay in Washington.  Jackie isn’t sure how well she’ll handle this whole “being independent” thing.  Doug reveals that Jackie’s daughter has texted him a few times, and he thinks she’s doing just fine.  Jackie starts rationalizing in a way that only Jackie can, blabbering on about sisterhoods and bonds and how easy it is for her to admit when she’s wrong.  Jackie is ready to apologize to her co-stars, and she has come to the conclusion that she just can’t help people who don’t want to be helped…and that is all she was trying to do.  Again, sort of.


The Sisters Govan meet for lunch, and we’re given the impression that they really have spoken much since filming wrapped last season.  Laura Govan is rocking a new body, and she’s beyond thrilled with her relationship with Gilbert Areanas after relocating to Orlando.  Gloria Govan has done some soul searching in the eight months since she broke up with Matt Barnes.  She has realized that they belong together, and she plans on writing to cookbook to fuse all of their ethnicities into one.  Oh VH1, the land where a cookbook solves even the shadiest of relationship woes.  Gloria plans to host a tasting of some of her new dishes where she will invite all of the girls…except Psycho.  I can only assume that is the clever nickname for Jackie.

Draya Michelle and Malaysia Pargo meet for lunch to discuss Malaysia’s time in Atlanta.  Her jewelry line is super successful.  Likewise, Draya has been modeling up a storm, but she’s ready to place all of her focus on her bikini line.  The women discuss Jackie, and they seem a lot more forgiving than theSisters Govan.  Draya knows she’ll keep her guard up with Jackie, but she is willing to give her another chance.  Plus, if Jackie gives her any problems, Draya will just stab her with her super sharp nails.  What’s up with those claws?

Imani Jackie’s friend Sundy (um, Imani just found her stunt double!) comes over so Jackie can rattle on about how much she helped the other women.  They must be jealous.  Sundy convinces Jackie to be the bigger person and swallow her pride.  Jackie is confused by the language Sundy is speaking.  The other women need to beg her for forgiveness.  Duh.  Everyone is jealous of Jackie.  Yeah, if she keeps up this line of thinking, I’m doubting we’re going to see a quick reconciliation.  Jackie is hurt, Sundy is steam rolled.  It’s pretty much par for the course.

Draya and Gloria are getting along much better this season, and the pair laughs over lunch.  Once again, Gloria touts how much she learned during her break-up from Matt.  Draya is keeping Gloria at arms’ length, but she’s happy for her.  I had forgotten how much I love Draya.  She keeps it super real.  Draya is has been hosting up a storm.  Is that a real job?  Draya is thankful toJackie for motivating her to pursue her swimsuit line, but it ends there.  Both women are confused by Jackie love on Twitter.  Draya and Gloria talk aboutMalaysia’s willingness to give Jackie a second chance.  Gloria isn’t so sure she’s able to do that yet.

We are introduced to Draya’s friend Brooke.  They know each other from clubbing and the urban modeling scene.  She’s from Charlotte, and she’s dating a younger NBA player.  Brooke describes herself as a video vixen.  How does one get that gig?  Draya fills in Brooke about the dynamic of the women.  She warns Brooke about the ladies’ initiation process with new, single, pretty girls.  They aren’t the nicest.  Draya does explain that the women are intelligent women who will be supportive of business ventures.  Thanks to them, she is ready to launch her bikini line.

Malaysia is the first to reach out to Jackie, and the two plan to get together to chat.  Malaysia has gotten even prettier this season, if that’s even possible.

Draya invites Brooke over to try on her bikinis.  She is hoping her suits can support Brooke’s J & B…jugs and booty.  Draya is pleased with the results, and she asks Brooke to come to her website launch.

Jackie meets Malaysia for lunch (we all know that’s a recurring theme for VH1).  Malaysia approaches Jackie with some well-versed honesty, and she tells Jackie that she is hoping the other women are equally willing to start fresh.  She doesn’t want to rehash the past, but she hopes the women can learn from it to do better in the future.  Jackie once again reminds Malaysia that she didn’t mean any harm, nor did she tell any lies.  Malaysia isn’t hearing any of it…she is serious about moving forward and not getting caught up in what happened last season.  She invites Jackie to Gloria’s cookbook tasting party.  Jackie is excited and concerned about the second chance.  Malaysia thinks Jackie has a lot to teach the group.

Draya invites Gloria over to meet Brooke.  She thinks that Gloria will be the easiest introduction.  Right off the bat, Gloria is jealous of Brooke’s booty which Brooke finds hilarious.  Draya launches her website.  Wait, what?  I expected a little more fanfare from the launch.  Draya is thrilled that Brooke and Gloria are getting along, but both veterans warn the newbie about Jackie.

It’s time for Gloria’s tasting party, and Brooke is ready to meet the other women.  The food looks amazing, and Gloria welcomes any feedback.  Dunt, dun, dunnn!  Jackie arrives, and all of the women exchange confused glances.  Jackie doesn’t speak, and she waits for Malaysia to share why she’s there.  Gloria gets in a couple good digs about Jackie’s multiple personalities, while Jackie smiles…the smile of her crazy personality!

This season, Jackie may not pick just one personality.  She’s very curious about Brooke, leading Draya to think nothing has changed.  Malaysia grows her jewelry line while Gloria focuses on her acting career.  Malaysia is on an adventurous streak, and Jackie gets jealous of Brooke being around Doug.  Sound familiar?  There is drama between the Sisters Govan.  Brooke and Gloria turn on Draya, we meet a new girl, and, of course, fighting abounds.


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